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Massacre of the Innocents

Christmas. I hate it.

Well, not in its entirety. I like the warmth of the house and the presents of course. But I hate the massacre and sacrifice of the babies that goes on around the festival. Sometimes the scenes of shocking carnage make me wonder if the whole festival is not more in honour of Herod’s paranoid horror-filled act than the birth of a child destined to be at the heart of one of the worlds great religions.

I speak of course, of the slaughter of the Christmas trees.

As I walked in to work this morning, I passed the pitiful remnants of so much promise sprawled on the pavements; shredded; broken; torn and tangled. Cast out and dumped by the bins, waiting for their small bodies to be thrown into the mouth of a large, angry chewing machine and ground up.


But wait. They’re just trees., right? They aren’t ….what? Alive? Yes they are.

They’re also babies. Youngsters. Two feet high. Three feet high. Some have even been allowed to reach six feet high, beginning to feel the sun on their branches, feel birds land on them. Begin to reach for the sky, where their rightful place should be, among the largest living things on the planet.

But like baby sheep, or calves kept in crates for the revolting veal trade, they are simply teased into childhood then cut down, long before they have reached their prime. Ethical Christmas trees? Nonsense. There is nothing ethical about cutting down millions of baby trees every year, just to decorate their bodies and watch them die as you celebrate around them.

I’m sorry, but in this day and age where destruction of forests and our environment in general is taken almost as a human right, this growing of something just to kill it as a baby, is not acceptable. It’s just not.

You might hate man made or artificial trees. How that can possibly be worse than having a dead baby in the corner of your room is beyond me.

Real trees shed. That’s because they’re DEAD.

Let’s stop this foulness; this celebration of Herod and his singular contribution to the Christmas story. Say no to real Christmas trees. Say no, now.


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